B. Love

So Deep In Love 2

Things are not always as they seem — that’s the lesson both Chloe and Carli have learned the hard way. Dealing with brothers Black and Ghost has put both sisters in the position to be hurt.

Chloe wants blood. And revenge. And she will not rest until everyone who had a hand in hurting her and her sister has been handled. Somewhere along the line, Black creeps inside of the shattered pieces of her heart, and Chloe has to choose to give him a second chance or punish him for the sins of her last man.

They say that anything worth having is worth fighting for. It takes losing Carli for Ghost to realize that. She is committed to having nothing to do with him, and Ghost is committed to doing whatever it takes to get her back. While Carli admires his fight, some betrayals cause cuts too deep to be healed.

Tragedy strikes and all of their lives are changed forever. They must choose to go deep in love or remain above the surface… somehow still drowning in their pain.
134 printed pages
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