Kari Kilgore

Glory Lane and the Humid Holiday

A chance to recapture past glory days gone awry.
A cybercrime expert forced to endure warm, sunny weather in December.
A South Florida holiday with two stressed-out techies ending up in the wrong place at the right time.
Will Dana manage to crack the case before it goes from missing person to murder?

A Dana Sanderson Short Mystery

An excerpt from Glory Lane and the Humid Holiday

A Strange Case in a Strange Place

Dana had always been more comfortable with codes and computers than people.
“We got a missing persons report on Rich Walters a couple of days ago,” Michelle said. “Only had a plane ticket to go on. We've had the word out, but he disappeared after he flew into Miami. Not a trace until right here, last night.”
Michelle held up one of those evidence bags with a scuffed brown leather wallet inside, with a loose driver's license pressed against the plastic.
Dana glanced the alley where a few uniforms still lingered, heads down. «He's not… Is he over there?”
Michelle looked over her shoulder, then turned back to Dana with a grin.
“Don't worry, Dana. He's not dead, not that we know of. But Rich Walters isn't just missing. He's disappeared into thin air.”
25 printed pages
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