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My Secret Life

Subtitled the Secret Diary of a Victorian Gentleman, this book was banned for being sexually explicit and pornographic but following its publication has become known as an erotic masterpiece. No one really knows the identity of the pleasure seeking author or what in this diary is fact or fiction but as an example of Victorian erotic fiction it is a convincing and compelling document.
305 printed pages
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    Alexandra Skitiovahas quotedlast year
    but she was the ordinary French whore of the day, of whom there were but few in London (there was no railway to Paris); and who were exclusively supported by gentlemen at the West-End.
    Alexandra Skitiovahas quotedlast year
    they were mostly of a class to be had for a few shillings
    Alexandra Skitiovahas quotedlast year
    and off he shuffled as if he had been shot

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