JC Conrad-Ellis

Chemistry & Chaos

Tanisha “Teenie” Carlson and the girls return for more adolescent drama, young love, dating and life lessons. This time, the reader learns the trials and tribulations that are taking place behind the front doors of the “other” girls: Maria Wesley, Lori Perkins, Rashanda Jordan, Justine Wellington and Grace Dudley. At sixteen, wiser and armed with more self confidence, the girls attempt to embrace their fragile teen life challenges with class, confidence and a splash of sass. Layer by layer, the reader will learn that, just like Teenie's character, her friends are fearfully and wonderfully made while still flawed in very believable, revealing and forgivable ways. Although each character's story is crisp and refreshingly unique, the story lines are carefully woven together by a gossamer thread that will keep readers turning the page in anticipation of the next exciting plot twist. The grace and strength displayed by each character will prove encouraging to readers of all ages as the girls confirm that a strong friendship network circle of support is as important as a good bra.
251 printed pages
Original publication


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