Cuckold's Voyeur Road

Collin and Nicole descend
even further into a sex-laden affair. Their lust and passion for each other
seems limitless. Now addicted to watching the sexy couple, Nick purchases a chastity device, a toy designed to increase his frustration and pleasure as he
sinks further into the role of Cuckold Husband. He continues to struggle with
his own desires, which the chastity belt seems to make even stronger.
Collin and Nicole start
openly dating, and Collin introduces his beautiful Latin lover to a world of professional athletes, movie stars, and super-wealthy individuals. Nicole is
soon surrounded by wealthy black men, and finds Collin’s world too seductive to resist.
Nick witnesses how money,
power, and her gorgeous black lover capture his wife completely. He struggles
to hold onto her, maintain his career, and protect his daughters.
~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
Beautiful people.
All of them were standing, talking, and laughing together. Nicole
stood next to Collin, her arm inside his, laughing with another man who was talking with them both. He looked like the same guy she’d let fondle her and
then kissed.
I tore my eyes away from the party, and scanned the crowd. I didn’t want to get caught staring. When I looked back, Nicole was talking with a woman, smiling and whispering like old friends. They put down their drinks, and left the VIP area together. Arm in arm, they strode towards the bathroom.
The urge to follow them was overpowering. A small corner dimly-lit
stood empty. I leaned up against the wall, and waited.
A loud shriek of laughter echoed in the hallway, and I glanced around the corner. Nicole and the other woman were holding on to each
other and laughing hysterically. I pulled back and listened.
“He’s big?”
I didn’t recognize the voice.
“Huge, and he knows how to use it.” I recognized Nicole’s
voice and her giggle. “His body is amazing, like black granite. Fuck, I’m
getting wet just thinking about him.”
“Wow,” the other woman said past a giggle. “Easy there, you little slut.”
“That’s exactly what I am for him.” Her voice turned
serious. “I’m his slut, and I fucking love it.”
“Hey, what’s going on with his attorney?” her friend asked.
“Am I crazy, or did I see sparks flying between you two?”
“Ugh. You’re not crazy. I think his attorney is hot,”
Nicole’s voice replied. “We kissed the other night.”
“No way!”
“Yeah. It was spontaneous, but it was soooo nice. If I
wasn’t with Collin, I think I’d have fucked him already.”
“You are a slut.”
“Shut up!”
“Relax, baby. I get it.”
“Anyway, I haven’t seen it, but he felt as big as Collin,
but thicker.”
“Wow. You are so bad.”
“I know, I know. I told him I was with Collin, but that I was flattered.” Her deep sigh echoed along the corridor. “He agreed.”
“Maybe you could have both of them,” she giggled. “Does
Collin share?”
“What?” Nicole’s voice was shocked, but intrigued. “No…well,
I don’t know. We’ve never talked about it.” Silence echoed in the hallway
before her voice shattered it again. “Do you think he would?”
“I don’t know, but some guys like that sort of thing. You
should talk with him about it. Wouldn’t that be a fun night?”
The idea of her being with two men was overpowering…and
shocking. When we’d started on this roller coaster, she only wanted a boyfriend.
Now she was clearly considering two men at the same time?
My eyes sought out Nicole again, and I saw her standing with
the other woman, talking and laughing. Collin smiled at the two conspiring
girls, then turned back to his attorney, and gave a quick motion with his head.
His attorney smiled, clapped him on the shoulder, and walked over to Nicole. He laid his hands on her shoulders, and slowly ran them along her sides before
resting them on her hips.
He does want to share

126 printed pages
Original publication


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