Teen Philosophy, B.A., Behavior Science, C. HT Certified Hypnotherapist Carl Schoner
B.A.,Behavior Science,C. HT Certified Hypnotherapist Carl Schoner

Teen Philosophy

Teen Philosophy – My thoughts on Life, Death, Infinity, and Delusional Ideation. This is a weird yet intriguing look back at the philosophical thinking expressed in my personal diaries. In this book you will find writings delving into such subjects as a definition of the “will” of life, the powers and intentions of God, the meaning of “infinity,” a philosophical discussion of the difference between life and death, and the implications of recognizing that the Being we think of as “God” may be prone to error. This is a profoundly personal and introspective glimpse into the mind of a young man, who emerging from his teens is just beginning to search for answers to the questions of life, death, God, and his own existence.
103 printed pages
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