Leaflets of the Russian Revolution, Barbara Allen
Barbara Allen

Leaflets of the Russian Revolution

184 printed pages
Barbara Allen
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When workers and peasants rose up across Russia and smashed the centuries old Tsarist autocracy their actions reverberated across the world, and continue to inspire activists to this day. This carefully assembled and expertly translated collection of documents from the Petrograd socialist movement in 1917 provides contemporary readers with a firsthand glimpse into the revolutionary ferment as it unfolds.
In Leaflets of the Russian Revolution, Barbara Allen selects and introduces the pamphlets and other agitational material that give life to the debates, disagreements and perspectives that animated the masses during the revolution.
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In Petrograd, as the result of Leninist agitation, “red guards” numbering in the thousands have alread
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orker and first Soviet commissar of labor, portrays revolution as experienced by worker ranks. Allen’s book will stimulate specialists and open up a new world for the general reader.” —John Riddell
“This short but invaluable b
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