Urban Legend Detectives Case 3: The Kunekune (Dancing White Shadow), Kyosuke Tsumiki
Kyosuke Tsumiki

Urban Legend Detectives Case 3: The Kunekune (Dancing White Shadow)

The victim who died suspiciously had seen a ‘dancing white shadow’ a few days before his death. A mysterious woman was lurking in the darkness like a ghost… Is the identity of the ‘dancing white shadow’ the ‘Kunekune’, the mightiest monster in Japanese online urban legends?

Detective Sasuke, a lady ninja in multiple disguises, was getting to the core of the truth behind seemingly unrelated incidents. The one called the ‘Friend of a Friend’, the ringleader of many heinous crimes, appeared again to confront the Urban Legend Detectives.

The entire picture of the ‘Urban Legend Detectives’ series is beginning to be revealed in this third installment!

This work was exclusively written for The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.
134 printed pages
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