Chrysanthi Lytra

Tithoren and the Magic Potion of Discernment

In the land under the ice, the little elves are in a state of constant creativity. By painting, sewing, devising structures and writing, they preserve their stories… Tithoren, the great tailor of this land, undertakes a particularly difficult mission! To sew a dress for princess Lefenore, a dress which once put on by her will help her distinguish between those who tell the truth and those who lie, those who really need her help and those who take advantage of her, those who love her and those who deceive her… To be able to sew this dress, Tithoren must set out on a long journey. A journey to the Black Swamp Land where he will make not only new friends but also enemies. He will get in danger, he will struggle and he will dare to fight against monsters as well as his own personal fears before he encounters the magic potion of Discernment. In this potion, he will immerse his needle and then tailor the dress. An adventure which epitomizes every person’s course through life in quest of this great quality called Discernment. When discerning means always distinguishing between what is right for one and what is not, subsequently advancing steadily towards one’s happiness.
59 printed pages
Original publication


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