Tamika's Reawakening, Suzie McLean
Suzie McLean

Tamika's Reawakening

The BetaZed sorority sisters were gorgeous, stacked…and out of work. Then Phoebe hit on the absolutely insane idea of starting their own bikini babes' carwash. Little did they know how their lives were about to change as, one by one, they met the men of their sexiest dreams while they tried to solve the mystery of a 20-year old jewelry heist!

Book 6: “Tamika”

Seven years ago, Tamika’s life had been shattered when Logan’s parents had divorced, and his mother had dragged him off to Europe against his will. Now he was back—and even the thought of seeing him again could reduce her to a mindless panic.

She knew she had to face her fears, and tell him about the child she’d miscarried right after he’d left…but not yet. Not today! She just wasn’t ready!

Then, without warning, he appeared at the carwash…and everything blew up in her face…
71 printed pages
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