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Growth is part of the keys to added values! Growth is so important to maturity because it’s a way to gauge levels of advancement. Prayer also share similar growth processes to reach the ultimate dimensions. Targeted prayers must have all the intelligence components together to deliver a greater power-punch. Precision is what demonstrates the transparency of a guarded and guided life. Erratic behaviors are signs of oblivion, and until we know what to say, how to say them — when to speak or remain silent, we are bound to create more problems than solve them.
Ultimate Prayer Handbook is a combined deeper strategic prayers that exposes all enemy secrets and hidden places besides showcasing unusual epic weapons of dimensional spiritual warfare. To win all battles, you must have all weapons or simply put, you must be Almighty and All-powerful. This is where you need the greater grace of God in your prayer-life.
Always, revelation is unlocking the hidden mysteries whether they relates to life and death, Heaven and hell, the earth and the world or the past, present and future, etc. “What thingsoever ye desire, when ye pray,” shows that life is not an adventure but rather programmed or animated to function according to divine orders. Prayer therefore becomes a critical tool in excavating the hidden mysteries of life. Sometimes, we only pray for our daily needs, which is settling for a life-support instead of accessing the fullness of life.
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