Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

Woman Triumphant (La Maja Desnuda)

The title of this novel “Woman Triumphant” captures the novel's spirit. The woman in this case is the protagonist's wife. The wife triumphs, resurrected in spirit to exert a powerful influence over the life of a man who had wished to live without her. Excerpt: “Renovales, the hero, is simply the personification of human desire, this poor desire which, in reality, does not know what it wants, eternally fickle and unsatisfied. When we finally obtain what we desire, it does not seem enough. “More: I want more,” we say. If we lose something that made life unbearable, we immediately wish it back as indispensable to our happiness. Such are we: poor deluded children who cried yesterday for what we scorn today and shall want again tomorrow; poor deluded beings plunging across the span of life on the Icarian wings of caprice.”
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