Janet Dailey

Sweet Promise

A Texas heiress just found the perfect man—but she still craves the bad boy she left behind in this romance by the New York Times–bestselling author.
Texas spitfire Erica Wakefield truly believes her torrid past is behind her, and that she’s finally escaped her self-destructive ways. She’s now a stable businesswoman, who’s accepted a proposal of marriage from the perfect man. Forest Granger is handsome, rich, and generous. So why does Erica still quiver at the thought of her estranged husband, the impossibly arrogant and sensual Rafael de la Torres—and the incendiary passion that nearly ruined her?
When Erica has to find Rafael and make him sign the divorce papers, she runs the risk that he’ll arouse more than the memories that still ignite a fever in her blood. Now amid the magnificent beaches of Acapulco and its soul-stirring sunsets, Rafael is back in Erica’s life. He’s making her feel reckless again, uninhibited, rebellious, and so close to destroying the sweet promise of true love.
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