The CIA Lockpicking Manual, Central Intelligence Agency
Central Intelligence Agency

The CIA Lockpicking Manual

81 printed pages
Do you have the locksmith’s phone number on speed dial? Find yourself spending a fortune on new locks after someone lost their keys again? Forgot your keys in the car one too many times? Free yourself once and for all from ever having a keyless crisis again with The CIA Lockpicking Manual. With this clever pocket- sized guide, you’ll quickly learn how to get yourself into—and out of—tight spaces.With clear explanations and detailed illustrations, The CIA Lockpicking Manual will quickly teach you what you need to know. Soon you’ll be able to get yourself into your house, office desk, or car . . . without your key.
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Erin Jade
Erin Jadeshared an impression2 months ago

completely useless without illustrations being viewable on book

b1160101785has quoted4 years ago

Have you ever thought, "Just what is it that actually allows us to pick a lock?" It is the inability of the manufacturer of any product to machine parts to an almost flawless level of tolerance. Even if they could reasonably approach their goals, the expense alone would be astronomicaL
Therefore, we, as locksmiths, are able to pick a lock, so to speak, due to the reality of this situation. To see specifically what is involved, we must look at a typical cylinder.

The tolerance inadequacies to which I refer can be categorized for easy reference. The first is the difference between the plug and the shell. An acceptable amount of
difference is approximately .005 or about .0025 all around the plug (see Figure 1).
The process by which the keyway is "cut" into the plug is called broaching. This process is easily observed when

a blank or cut key is inserted in the keyway and "play" is felt due to a significant tolerance differential.
Probably the most significant problem of this sort is the


Apakah anda pernah berpikir, "Hanya apa yang benar-benar memungkinkan kita untuk mengambil kunci?" Ini adalah ketidakmampuan produsen produk apapun untuk bagian-bagian mesin yang hampir sempurna tingkat toleransi. Bahkan jika mereka bisa cukup mendekati tujuan mereka, mengorbankan saja akan astronomi
Oleh karena itu, kita, sebagai ringtone, mampu mengambil kunci, sehingga untuk berbicara, karena kenyataan dari situasi ini. Untuk melihat secara khusus apa yang terlibat, kita harus melihat yang khas silinder.

Toleransi kekurangan yang saya lihat dapat dikategorikan untuk kemudahan referensi. Yang pertama adalah perbedaan antara plug dan shell. Jumlah yang diterima
perbedaan adalah sekitar .005 atau sekitar .0025 seluruh plug (lihat Gambar 1).
Proses di mana alur pasak adalah "memotong" ke plug disebut menggerek. Proses ini lebih mudah diamati ketika

kosong atau memotong kunci dimasukkan ke dalam alur pasak dan "bermain" dirasakan karena adanya toleransi diferensial.
Mungkin yang paling signifikan masalah semacam ini adalah

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