Polite Fiction, Colin Cheong
Colin Cheong

Polite Fiction

222 printed pages
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What's a girl to do? Smart, athletic and obscenely wealthy, Yuki Moh is the embodiment of girl power and looks like she's got it all. She also has an insanely possessive and protective father who wants to keep her in the family money-laundering business. Luckily for Yuki, she's got friends who owe her favours. But with her lover's mother dying from cancer and her best friend gang-raped, she's got more on her mind than freedom. Polite Fiction is about the rude reality behind the stories we tell about ourselves. Colin Cheong's latest work weaves a central story through the lives and issues of a cast of characters hiding behind their own polite fictions. Each chapter sends sanitized fairy tales back to the realm of shadows where they lie in wait — to remind us of just how much we lie.
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Husna Munirah
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Fatih Uygun
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the body of a burnt woman stood up like a scarecrow.
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