L.C. Markland

The Reason

Among his best work. Markland pushes emotions and his story moves considerably straight forward as opposed to the up and downs which is typical with most of his works. However, he does reach for a very sentimental end as he does in his other novels. In this book, Paul C. Markland, gives the reader inspiration to consider their own life, as well as their actions and connections to others. An exercise, everyone should consider doing, every so often. — Raymond Shook, M.A.
Originally, “The Reason” was based on a true story. As a child, I always questioned “the reason” for my existence. I wanted to know. I needed to know. This query intensified as I grew older. Regardless of my accomplishments, I still pondered my purpose in life: that is, my reason for living. While writing this work, certain aspects of my childhood were brought to light. Aspects I hid for most of my life. Even my siblings had no idea.
Based on the recommendation of my wife, I presented “The Reason” as a fictional story rather than a factual one. In the process, I wrote about the faith that I once preached. In the end, there was resolution. So I thought. With the advancements in technology also comes new insights. In the process of publishing this book, DNA has opened pandora’s box. What I once thought was truth, is anything but the truth. Again, I am considering “The Reason”
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