Jesper Kaae

The Secret Chords

Grab a standard open E chord and move it five frets up the neck and you will get a beautiful sounding Aadd9 chord. Open moveable chords are seldom described despite the vast amount of guitar literature available. Although often used by various artists these chords and chord systems are well kept secrets to many aspiring guitarists. This book will help expand your chord vocabulary with a set of new and refreshing chords that will inspire you and spark your creativity. Open moveable chords combine the movability of the barre chords and the easy fingering of the standard open chords, and they create some interesting new sounds at the same time. These types of chords will often add complex harmonic extensions to standard major/minor chords so this book focuses on scale degrees rather than chord names to simplify the theoretically complex nature of open moveable chords. The book also includes options for using pedal points on standard open chords. The Secret Chords contains explanatory introductions to each chapter but it is primarily a comprehensive collection of chord charts for open moveable chords. Read less and play more.
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Jesper Kaae
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