Brandon M.Herbert

Walking Wolf Road

Marked by Brother Raven…

Uprooted and dumped in a small town at the edge of the Colorado mountains, Jimmy Walker is at odds with everything. He feels adrift, alienated from his classmates and even his own family. It’s hard being a teenager in a new town, struggling with grades, depression, hostile classmates, and a stepfather bent on making his life hell—

Until a violent collision with fate leaves Jimmy bleeding under the light of a Full Moon…

Now, Jimmy’s entire world is transforming, and his new friends are not what they seem. High School is challenging enough without a mysterious white wolf haunting his dreams, the ability to see and hear the dead, and budding shamanic powers while the soul of a wolf grows inside him. When catastrophe shatters his world, Jimmy is pitted against the demons of his past, and must embrace his heritage to unravel the prophesies hidden in his dreams. In a race to expose and confront a menace that seeks to destroy everything he loves, Jimmy must draw on every power he has…

But will it be enough, or will Jimmy’s hidden nemesis kill him first?
378 printed pages
Original publication


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