Namaratha Kollu

A Technical Guide to Eggs in Food

Eggs play a very important role in the human diet and nutrition as it is an affordable nutrient rich food product. An egg contains highly digestible proteins, lipids, minerals and vitamins. Until 1988, Europe was the largest producer of eggs. It was surpassed by Asia in early 1990s (IEC, Economic report -2014). The European production volumes have been decreased due to the collapse of political and economic systems in Russian Union and Eastern Europe. The major egg producing countries are China, US, India, Japan and Mexico. The egg consumption in China is majorly as table eggs and only 1% of eggs are broken and further processed. In US, 30% of the consumption is in the form of processed eggs like liquid, frozen etc.The per capita consumption of eggs in India is only 43 against the prescribed consumption of 180 eggs per year per head by National Institute of Nutrition. The less consumption is majorly due to the vegetarian population and unorganized farming
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