Lisa Taddeo


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    Olgahas quoted5 months ago
    There is so much power in the way we obsess. If we could only harness it. If we would only redirect it.
    Olgahas quoted5 months ago
    —Yes, Lenny snapped. Lenore was a great reader. A varied reader. Do you think a man like me could have been with someone who didn’t read?
    Olgahas quoted5 months ago
    It was cozy there, too. Cozy like the first few minutes of a horror movie.
    Olgahas quoted5 months ago
    When men tell you they are pieces of shit, when they tell you they are scumbags, they do it because they subconsciously know that you are hooked. It hooks you more. They push you away to pull you in and the most terrible thing is they don’t even do it on purpose.
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