Vasile Balaj

Are You Making These 150 Critical Weight Loss Mistakes?

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our weight loss plan it’s simply driving you crazy, because it’s not so effective as you want it to be? We’ve all been there.

If you will avoid doing at some of these 150 critical mistakes that you can find in my book — “Are You Making These 150 Critical Weight Loss Mistakes?” — maybe your plan will start showing some results.

1. You never eat melon and eggs at breakfast? Well, that’s a bad move, breakfast it’s an extremely important meal. At every breakfast, never forget to eat melon, because it’s fool of vitamins. After that, eat about two eggs, because they’re high in proteins. This will help you feel fuller throughout the day, according to Men’s Health.

2. Oh, you hate goat cheese! I perfectly understand you, personally I hate goat milk or cheese because of their taste, but many studies show that this kind of cheese it’s very low in calories, comparing to cow cheese. According to research, goat cheese contains 40% less calories than cow cheese.
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