Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad

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    gilang ridwanhas quoted2 years ago
    “Most people have a price. And they have a price because of human emotions named fear and greed. First, the fear of being without money motivates us to work hard, and then once we get that paycheck, greed or desire starts us thinking about all the wonderful things money can buy. The pattern is then set.”
    “What pattern?” I asked.
    “The pattern of get up, go to work, pay bills; get up, go to work, pay bills. People’s lives are forever controlled by two emotions: fear and greed. Offer them more money and they continue the cycle by increasing their spending. This is what I call the Rat Race.”
    Hristina Jivkovahas quoted2 months ago
    ” I don’t want to work all my life. I don’t want what my parents aspired for, which was job security and a house in the suburbs. I don’t like being an employee. I hated that my dad always missed my football games because he was so busy working on his career. I hated it when my dad worked hard all his life and the government took most of what he worked for at his death. He could not even pass on what he worked so hard for when he died. The rich don’t do that. They work hard and pass it on to their children.
    Now the “wants.” I want to be free to travel the world and live in the lifestyle I love. I want to be young when I do this. I want to simply be free. I want control over my time and my life. I want money to work for me.
    Hristina Jivkovahas quoted2 months ago
    “The primary difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they manage fear.”
    Hristina Jivkovahas quoted2 months ago
    Eleanor Roosevelt said it best: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right—for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”
    b4965627156has quoted3 months ago
    just sort of pushes you around. Each push is life saying, ‘Wake up. There’s something I want you to learn.’”
    b3775427466has quotedlast year
    #1: “The rich don’t work for money.”
    Алина Гунченкоhas quotedlast year
    The lesson: The increases in income are going to entrepreneurs and investors, not to employees—not to the people who work for money.
    Masha Samartsavahas quoted2 years ago
    As I said earlier, if a person cannot master the power of self-discipline, it is best not to try to get rich. I say this because, although the process of developing cash flow from an asset column is easy in theory, what’s hard is the mental fortitude to direct money to the correct use. Due to external temptations, it is much easier in today’s consumer world to simply blow money out the expense column. With weak mental fortitude, that money flows into the paths of least resistance. That is the cause of poverty and financial struggle.
    Masha Samartsavahas quoted2 years ago
    The real skill is to manage and reward the people who are smarter than you in some technical area. That is why companies have a board of directors. You should have one too. That is financial intelligence.
    Masha Samartsavahas quoted2 years ago
    We live in the Information Age. Information is priceless. A good broker should provide you with information, as well as take the time to educate you. I have several brokers who do that for me. Some taught me when I had little or no money, and I am still with them today.
    b1186307060has quotedyesterday
    They did?” my dad asked incredulously.
    George Titushas quoted2 days ago
    If they say, “It’s too much of a hassle,” I ask, “So you would rather work all your life giving 50 percent of what you earn to the government?” If they tell me, “I only do what I am interested in,” I say, “I’m not interested in going to the gym, but I go because I want to feel better and live longer.”
    George Titushas quoted2 days ago
    network-marketing company, also called multilevel marketing, if they want to learn sales skills. Some of these companies have excellent training programs that help people get over their fear of failure and rejection, which are the main reasons people are unsuccessful. Education is more valuable than money, in the long run.
    George Titushas quoted2 days ago
    network-marketing company, also called multilevel marketing
    George Titushas quoted2 days ago
    Already, many hospitals in countries with socialized medicine need to make tough decisions such as, “Who will live, and who will die?” They make those decisions purely on how much money they have and how old the patients are. If the patient is old, they often will give the medical care to someone younger. The older poor patient gets put to the back of the line. Just as the rich can afford better education, the rich will be able to keep themselves alive, while those who have little wealth will die.
    So I wonder: Are workers looking into the future or just until their next paycheck, never questioning where they are headed?
    George Titushas quoted2 days ago
    the new 401(k) plans that are riskier. It is not a pretty picture for most people working today. And that is just for retirement. Add medical fees and long-term nursing-home care and the picture is frightening.
    George Titushas quoted2 days ago
    In his book The Retirement Myth, Craig S. Karpel writes: “I visited the headquarters of a major national pension consulting firm and met with a managing director who specializes in designing lush retirement plans for top management. When I asked her what people who don’t have corner offices will be able to expect in the way of pension income, she said with a confident smile, ‘The Silver Bullet.’
    “What, I asked, is ‘The Silver Bullet?’”
    “She shrugged and said, ‘If baby boomers discover they don’t have enough money to live on when they’re older, they can always blow their brains out.’”
    George Titushas quoted3 days ago
    In the movie Jerry Maguire starring Tom Cruise, there are many great one-liners. Probably the most memorable is: “Show me the money.” But there is one line I thought most truthful. It comes from the scene where Tom Cruise is leaving the firm. He has just been fired, and he is asking the entire company, “Who wants to come with me?” And the whole place is silent and frozen. Only one woman speaks up and says, “I’d like to, but I’m due for a promotion in three months.”
    That statement is probably the most truthful statement in the whole movie. It is the type of statement that people use to keep themselves busy, working away to pay bills. I know my educated dad looked forward to his pay raise every year, and every year he was disappointed.
    George Titushas quoted3 days ago
    There is another horrible management theory that goes, “Workers work hard enough to not be fired, and owners pay just enough so that workers won’t quit.” And if you look at the pay scales of most companies, again I would say there is a degree of truth to that statement.
    George Titushas quoted3 days ago
    Because school does not think financial intelligence is an intelligence, most workers live within their means. They work and they pay the bills.
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