Renee Rose

Ace of Hearts: A Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground)

She owes the Family money. Big money. And I’m the guy
they sent to put the squeeze on her. So now she’s playing at my casino.
Strutting around on my stage in her tight little shorts. Killing me softly.
I promised she’ll be treated with respect, so long as she does as she’s told.
But I didn’t count on her barging in my office and tempting me,
begging for a taste of my authority.
I didn’t count on her getting under my skin.
And the last thing I want is to see her debt paid.
Because then I’d have to set her free…
Note: This steamy stand-alone romance is the third in USA Today bestselling author Renee Rose's Vegas Underground series. No cheating, no cliffhangers.
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  • Emanuela Chishas quoted4 months ago
    is gaze skims over my mouth, then lower, to my braless breasts and on down my bare legs. Then back up again at a more leisurely pace, finally resting on my eyes.

    I’m pretty sure he likes what he sees, but he doesn’t leer. The smirk on his mouth is more one of satisfaction, like I’m a fine wine that’s just been delivered to him and he’s savoring my bouquet.

    My stomach knots.

    “Ms. Heart, this is Antonio Brando, one of the directors of operations here at the Bellissimo,” Ms. Torrino chirps from behind him. I’d like to say his big scary visage makes him ugly, but it would be a lie. Even with the light lines of scars marring his rugged jaw, forehead, and left cheek, he’s beautiful. Like some sort of Roman demi-god sent to Earth to rip apart men and conquer women until the lowly humans have all been tamed.

    He doesn’t offer his hand. I don’t either. In fact, I give him my best fuck you stare—the one I usually reserve for Hugh.
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