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Patricia Gaffney

Wild at Heart

New York Times–Bestselling Author: In an oppressive Victorian world, a woman is drawn to a man untouched by civilization . . .
The daughter of an anthropologist in late nineteenth-century Chicago, Sydney is a young widow being wooed by a proper, ambitious—and somewhat suffocating—professor. But her life is about to change thanks to the “lost man” her father is studying. Found in the Canadian wild, he is a puzzle to be solved, kept captive in a guesthouse—from which he keeps trying to escape . . .
Her suitor sees him as something of a zoo animal—and a ticket to fame. Sydney, however, sees something else, something that stirs her heart. His loneliness is palpable, and she can tell he feels drawn to her as well. But society will not be so understanding as a passionate bond grows between them, and as they attempt to uncover the tragic mystery behind his past . . .
Praise for Patricia Gaffney
“Gaffney’s books are always heartfelt and wise.” —Janet Evanovich
“With a lyrical voice and keen wit, Patricia Gaffney weaves compelling stories that echo in the human heart.” —Nora Roberts
“Gaffney writes with power and passion.” —Romantic Times
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