Stjerna Mariana


In Medieval times, people believed the Earth was flat and that the sun rotated around it. The Catholic Church considered it heresy to suggest that the Earth was round and orbited the sun. The astronomer, Copernicus, was aware of this, and did not dare publish his findings until on his death-bed in 1543.
The next major “disclosure” is revealed in this book. The Earth is hollow and populated by an advanced race, who is planning to come to the aid of people on the surface very soon. Will this concept be accepted by scientists and the religious community? Is this science-fiction, fantasy, or liberation? We can only advise you to read this book, written as a novel, and examine your own heart.
There are those who have already visited Agartha, the world inside the planet, and found society there advanced and flourishing. Admiral Richard E. Byrd, USA (1947) is one of them. He was not given to flights of fancy.
Mariana Stjerna made contact with Timothy Brooke, a Canadian, who appeared to her briefly and then “dictated” this book. He was saved by Agarthans from a shipwreck off the coast of Canada in the mid-20th century, and is now alive and well in Agartha. In this book, he recounts his story and describes life in this five-dimensional paradise.

197 printed pages
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