Soraya's Tarot

Soraya will guide you in the reading of the Tarot, from buying your cards to reading for other people.
257 printed pages
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    andjelahas quotedlast year
    this while holding your cards in your hands, shuffling them if you wish. When you feel that you are ready – some people feel a shiver or a warmth through their body when they are ready – lay the deck in the centre of your mat and, using your left hand, cut twice into the pack. Stack each cut to the left so that you have three decks in front of you. Choose one of the three decks (this is the one you will be working with) and put the other two together and to one side.

    Return to your chosen deck. Using your left hand and cutting to the left, make one cut in the deck. Take the right-hand deck and lay it on top of the deck to the left. You are now ready to begin laying out your cards.

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