Domestic Terrorism Safety Tips: Your Pocket Guide, James William Potts
James William Potts

Domestic Terrorism Safety Tips: Your Pocket Guide

This book is designed to provide the reader with safety tips & suggestions for being safe at work, or out and about in this ever changing world created by terrorism. AU submitted updated MT below 6.18.19: We are living in different times. International and domestic terrorism has changed our lives forever and, as a result, we must always be aware of our surroundings. Although there are no guarantees about remaining safe at all times, my book gives a multitude of safety tips and reminders that may help save lives. This pocket guide of safety tips is easy to carry and understand for all ages. A final note. Awareness is also a mindset. Never think for a moment it cannot happen to you. I do not want you paranoid. I want you safe. You can also listen to me on “LA Talk Radio” on Sundays at 3pm PST where I continue to broadcast the message that needs to be heard across America.
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