Dasee Berkowitz

Becoming a Soulful Parent

This is not a parenting how-to book. It does not offer the usual advice or add to your to-do list, which is already long enough. Instead, Becoming a Soulful Parent asks questions to help you explore the contours of your inner life, developing your internal compass as you lead your family with love and wisdom.
Combining insights from thousands of years of traditional Jewish wisdom with her own utterly relatable first-person storytelling, author Dasee Berkowitz helps you embrace every moment with your family while leaning into the challenges of parenting with renewed perspective and enthusiasm.
Becoming a Soulful Parent will help you ground your floating anxieties about the state of the world outside, while giving you the tools to reflect on the state of your world. It will help strengthen “muscles” that will be essential for you and your children throughout your lives—muscles like love, listening, empathy, and curiosity.
140 printed pages
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Kasva Press
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