Robin Wilde

Serena's Sorority Sisters

Trevor Gantt is a wealthy New York lawyer who retires at forty and buys a home in a sleepy country village, sight unseen. When he first approaches the house, he spies a comely young woman swimming topless in a pond on his property. Emma, the caretaker, turns out to be an experienced submissive who writes BDSM fiction, a boon for Trevor who is a practiced Dominant. He soon has her collared her. The other women in his new life include the local banker Virginia, a bi-sexual switch, and a barely legal teen and her mother, both of whom are vying for his attention. To think he had thought rural life would be dull! Before he has time to fully explore this sexual wonderland, Trevor's life is upended when a college friend calls, telling him that his wife has been murdered, and asking for Trevor's help. He and Emma find themselves investigating the woman's death, discovering that the solution to this mystery may lie in the kinky sexual practices of the bored über rich.
206 printed pages
Original publication

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