Jayadevan Maymala

PostgreSQL for Data Architects

PostgreSQL is an incredibly flexible and dependable open source relational database. Harnessing its power will make your applications more reliable and extensible without increasing costs. Using PostgreSQL's advanced features will save you work and increase performance, once you've discovered how to set it up.
PostgreSQL for Data Architects will teach you everything you need to learn in order to get a scalable and optimized PostgreSQL server up and running.
The book starts with basic concepts like installing PostgreSQL from source and covers theoretical aspects such as concurrency and transaction management. After this, you'll learn how to set up replication, use load balancing to scale horizontally, and troubleshoot errors.
Finally, you will get acquainted with useful tools available in the PostgreSQL ecosystem used for analyzing PostgreSQL logs, setting up load balancing, and recovery.
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    Антон Патесhas quoted5 years ago
    For other options and documentation, refer to
    Антон Патесhas quoted5 years ago
    While the data volume issue can be handled by using the right options with PostgreSQL's built-in tools, the code rewrite and data transformation will require other tools. For moving data from Oracle to PostgreSQL, ora2pg (, a Perl utility, offers different options (such as moving only specific tables or all tables, triggers, procedures and packages, selective migration of data with WHERE clauses, and so on). While the code does get converted to some extent, use of another utility, orafce (, may be necessary to mimic the functionality of Oracle packages such as DBMS_OUTPUT.
    Антон Патесhas quoted5 years ago

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