Bruce D.R. Grant

The Humorous Adventures of Spindle Sticks and Ballast Bum - Book 1: Story 1: Typical Brothers; Story 2

Spindle Sticks and Ballast Bum are 2 brothers aged 31/2 and 11/2 years old, respectively.  They elder child thinks he is able to control everybody with his tantrums, but ulitmately fails.  The younger brother always attempts to imitate his elder brother, which often upsets the older boy!  It nearly always is shown in a humorous light.
Mummy's and Daddy's intervention is usually what saves the day, but not always!  But each book shows the boys learning and growing in wisdom and skills
Typical Brothers describes the dreams and characteristics of Spindle Sticks and the openness and determination of Ballast Bum.  The way in which orders of importance control the children's antics.  Ballast Bum eats almost anything… Spindle Sticks eat practically nothing!  Ballast Bum is 'happy-go-lucky' but the older child is easily offended.
32 printed pages
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