Kent Lamarc

How to Choose a Wife: and 8 facts that would make your father sick if he knew

So many men fall into the traps of smart but wicked women that more books like this should be written. Most only realize their mistake long after they are married, when it’s too late and only a divorce is possible, many times at the expense of losing spending time with the children that, meanwhile, were born inside these toxic marriages.
The best way to avoid a divorce is before a wedding occurs. As women fight for an opportunity to get married, men should fight for their right to choose the best in all senses of the word and not just a companion.
Most men are not aware of the importance of this and pay heavily for their mistakes. This book is aimed at those in the process of analyzing their relationship before taking the big step further. It’s also dedicated to any man willing to understand women better, as the information provided here helps in getting a girlfriend much more than most books dedicated to dating. And the reason is that, by clearly presenting the mindset of most women, the book makes it easier to understand how they think. We could very well say that the theories here exposed go to the core of what attraction and relationships mean to them. By understanding all the information exposed here, it’s easier to see their intentions and purposes.
Freud would have loved a book like this, because, he said: “Despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered: What does a woman want?”
Men that are well informed about women can get better ones and avoid failure in relationships. They also avoid having to divorce in the future, by creating the highest probability of building a happy family forever.
The possibility of finding happiness in a relationship starts by putting our emotions on a leash, namely our most primitive one, lust. Like an animal on a leash, your emotions are not supposed to be restrained forever with the information mentioned here, just controlled under your command, like a dog that comes back when you whistle and always obey your orders.
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