Mabh Savage

Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft

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Learn how Celtic legend and mythology can bring magic into your daily life. Walk with the Tuatha De Danann and hear their wisdom on the wind. See colour as a doorway to a magical world. Speak to animals and become one with the turn of the seasons. Including practical exercises that can be performed by witches of all abilities, this book will teach you how your Celtic forebears are still alive, in the sorcery and skill of the magical practitioner
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100 printed pages
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  • Dannihas quoted2 years ago
    There are three things that are never at rest in anyone: the heart in working, the breath in moving, and the soul in purposing.
  • Dannihas quoted2 years ago
    Celtic Triad: Three candles that illumine every darkness: truth, nature, knowledge
  • Dannihas quoted2 years ago
    Celtic Triad: Three things to be avoided by the Wise: expecting the impossible, grieving over the irretrievable, fearing the inevitable.

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