Alma Alexander

The Were Chronicles

THe Were Chronicles Omnibus is a collected edition of three novels, Random, Wolf, and Shifter — a triptych of stories about a society so like and so very unlike our own — where Were creatures can coexist alongside “normal” humans, but are subject to fear, prejudice, discrimination, and bullying.

In this particular story, first young Jazz Marsh Turns into something unprecedented, throwing her family and the Were authorities into a spin. Then her brother Mal, frustrated beyond reason by his own delayed Turn, takes matters into his own hands and chooses his own destiny, inflitrating the shadowy Lycan clan in order to help expiate his perceived guilt in his older sister's death. He's helped by his friend, Chalky, a true Shifter who is capable of Turning into anything he pleases unconstrained by the rules of Were kind.

A coming of age story that is fantasy grounded in science, it is aimed at a general readership but particularly commended to older teens.

From the Back Blurb:
“Everything I knew about the Were was wrong”

A Were of no fixed form, a Random, able to Turn into any warm-blooded creature it sees…

A young Random whose failure to Turn forces him into taking his destiny into his own hands and becoming full Lycan in the name of pride and fury, learning things he never thought were possible…

A true Shifter, the wild card, Turning into anything he chooses at will…

Together, they work to turn back a shattering tragedy, solve a conspiracy-shrouded mystery rooted in their own kind, and work to preserve their own existence against a rising tide of superstition and

All they wanted to do, in the end, was save a life. Instead… they started a war.
995 printed pages
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