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Happy raising chickens in your backyard for beginners

★ Happy raising chickens in your backyard for beginners ★

How to raising chickens for eggs in your own garden. 1x1 about feed, equipment, costs and care.

What you should know if you want to acquire chickens!

Saturday and Sunday for breakfast there should always be an egg for the whole family and during the week times quickly make themselves a scrambled egg, there are quickly 10 eggs from a commercial package gone. In addition, one hears in the news again and again from bad conditions on the yards, where the chickens come from.

There it would be perfect, if one acquires oneself a chicken attitude in the garden, in order to offer the animals a beautiful life and to have always fresh eggs. But just buy a few chickens and pack the garden, is that possible? Shouldn't you first read up on chicken keeping in a book for beginners, so that you are optimally informed about what's coming up? The answer is yes, inform is the very first step.

Here in this guide we clarify you about all sorts of topics such as chicken keeping without a rooster or even that in chicken keeping costs arise and especially which. So if you have a great interest in own chickens, then read it through necessarily.

Chicken keeping how many at least?
And how much space is needed?
What costs chicken keeping?
Chicken keeping how many eggs can be expected?
What do chickens eat?
Basic equipment and enclosure?
Holidays and hibernation?
Chicks and rearing
Care and daily routine
Right slaughtering
With health to the Happy Chicken
and much more
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