John A.Aragon

Billy the Kid's Last Ride

The orphaned, bucktoothed, New York Irish boy speaks Spanish and wears a Mexican sombrero. He claims his name is William Bonney. His amigos call him “Kid.” To newspapers in the New Mexico Territory and across America, he is “Billy the Kid.” William was among the bravest of the McSween alliance in the Lincoln County War. He was lucky, too—lucky enough to shoot his way out when the rest of his faction was cornered and slaughtered in battle. He was later captured and condemned to hang, but he killed his guards and escaped. Now, William has one last chance. He heads into Old Mexico with his lover, the fierce Apache maiden Tzoeh. There he hopes to start a new life, live in peace and obscurity, and be forgotten. But powerful Anglo ranchers plot to use William’s hot temper, unmatched courage, consummate loyalty to his amigos, and superb skill with a six-gun for their own ends.
338 printed pages
Original publication


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