Baynard Kendrick

Blood on Lake Louisa

An apparent hunting accident may prove to be something far more sinister in this thrilling Golden Age mystery by the author of the Duncan Maclain series.
Doc Ryan has practiced medicine for twenty years in the quiet Florida town of Orange Crest, the county seat of Manasaw County. He knows more about the lives of the town’s inhabitants than anyone else—not that it amounts to much. There’s not a lot to do in Orange Crest apart from going to the movie theater, where all the latest pictures are shown. There is, however, hunting and fishing, which draws in tourists from all over.
On the final night of the season, Ryan heads out to fish, taking his shotgun along as well in order to bag a duck or two if he’s able. As the sun sets, the fish aren’t taking the bait, though Ryan manages to fire off a few rounds at some mallards. But when he goes to collect his prize, he instead finds the body of David Mitchell, with shotgun wounds near his heart . . .
When Sheriff Pete Crossley hears his friend Ryan claim to be a murderer, he doesn’t believe him. Something about the story doesn’t add up. And together, sheriff and doctor will set out to find the real killer and restore peace to Orange Crest.
Baynard Kendrick was a founding member of the Mystery Writers of America, the holder of the organization’s first membership card, and a winner of its Grand Master Award. He wrote the Duncan Maclain Mysteries and the Miles Standish Rice Mysteries. Blood on Lake Louisawas his first novel.
251 printed pages
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