Jean Shinoda Bolen

Moving Toward the Millionth Circle

The Power of Heart-Centered Feminine ActivismUniting women from all walks of life. While women’s individual experiences and stories differ, there remains to be a uniting factor that draws women from around the world together. In this book for women, author Jean Shinoda Bolen calls upon this uniting factor, this feminine spirit ingrained in the soul of each woman, as a source of motivation for activism. As a result, this activism focused on women empowerment is person-focused and heart-centered.
Contribute to great change. Each of us wields the power to make change. By channeling our passions into all that we do, our voices and our actions, we take this world one step closer to being a better home for all who live in it. But joining with others is key to this effort. Bolen emphasizes the importance of relying on a support system, particularly women’s circles, in order to grow in influence.
The beginning of a new era. The metaphoric millionth circle is the tipping point into a post-patriarchal era. It is through the process of a growing number of people changing their perceptions and behaviors that a new era will begin. Those in the circles feed the activism by strengthening each other, and in turn, the movement as a whole. This spiritual book for women serves as a practical and poetic call to action, inspiring women and others to follow a path with soul.
Open up Moving Toward the Millionth Circle and discover…
A deeper dive into The Millionth Circle InitiativeWords of passionate wisdom from an internationally known author and speakerA rallying cry for all women seeking changeReaders of Warrior Goddess TrainingWomen Who Run With Wolves, and Wild Mercy will find another source of feminine empowerment in Moving Toward the Millionth Circle: Energizing the Global Women's Movement.
72 printed pages
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