Connor Whiteley

Gamification Of Autism

A perfect book for psychology students and professionals interested in serious games and autism.

Autistic children struggle with several areas of life, like communication, play and social skills, so they can need help in everyday life. Serious games and the gamification of autism offers great potential and tools for autistic people. Yet there are fascinating benefits and problems with the field.

By the end of this great, easy-to-understand book, you'll know:

What is gamification and serious games?

What are the benefits of serious games for autistic people?

What Are the Methodological and literature issues?

How Do we fix these problems?

Psychology students and professionals will love this great, conversational and engaging book.

Gamification Of Autism Content Includes:


How Did This Book Come About And Why Is This Important To Look At?

Introduction To The Gamification Of Autism

Underlying Theory of Gamification Research

The Benefits And Promising Results Of Gamification

The Issues With Gamification

More Problems With Gamification

Howe Could We Fix These Problems?

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