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Betrayed By Her Kidnappers

Stacy and Josh thought they were
going to have a wonderful weekend when they rented a remote cabin way out in the woods. They never expected to meet three muscular studs with a taste for innocent teen virgins! Now their wildest dreams are about to come true as all
three horny studs…and Josh…take Stacy hard, fast, and without any protection!

Excerpt ~~~~~

“You don’t need to be afraid, Stacy.” Alex’s steady voice
came to her through the dark, damp cold. “Lord Kensington loves you. He hasn’t
really left you alone. Victor and Dominic and I are his most trusted guards.
We’ve come down into the cellar to keep you company…and to teach you how to pleasure his lordship.”

Her eyes widened, and she searched through the cloying darkness
until she saw a broad-shouldered silhouette move in front of the dancing
torches. She gasped and cowered back against the sturdy wooden wine casks
lining the cellar walls, then managed a shaky smile. “Alex! I knew you wouldn’t
leave me alone down here!” she quavered.

“Of course not.” He bent and loosened the thick ropes
circling her wrists. “But Stacy, you have to be punished. You know that,

“I—I didn’t mean to spill the wine!” Tears trickled
forlornly down her pale cheeks. “You know I didn’t! I tripped over…” She couldn’t quite remember. “I tripped, and the goblet flew out of my hand!”

“I know.” He glided a soothing hand over her dark hair. “But
the wine stained his lordship’s carpet, and he’s very angry with you. You’ll
have to be extra-good to be let back upstairs again.”

“I’ll do anything!” Frantically she grabbed his big hand and clung to it. “Anything, Alex! Please!”

He glanced at his two companions. “What do you think, boys?
Should we teach her everything she needs to know so she can please his lordship?”

Dom grinned and wiggled his eyebrows. “‘Everything’ covers a whole lot!”

“I don’t care!” Stacy twisted around and stared imploringly
up at him. “You know I’ll do anything milord requests! I’ll even become his toy
if he wants. Anything, if he’ll just take me from this horrible place!”

“Stacy…” She jumped at the command in Alex’s deep voice.
“Lord Kensington has commanded that you will become his toy. He’s sent us here
to teach you how to pleasure him.”

She gulped again. “All three of you?”

“All three of us. First you must be spanked, to teach you humility. But there will be such pleasure in the pain that you’ll beg for
more.” He flashed her a reassuring smile. “And then we will teach you amazing
things, Stacy…all the different ways to make Lord Kensington your slave!”

Her bottom lip trembled, and for a moment it looked like she might refuse. But then she swallowed a third time, and hesitantly nodded her head. “I deserve to be punished,” she whispered.

Alex glanced over his shoulder. “Bring me that chair,” he told Dom. “Actually, bring three of them, and let’s have some fun!”

Vic hurried to help, and they set the chairs in a loose
half-circle facing Josh’s recliner. Alex sat in the middle chair, and beckoned
Stacy to approach him. Her legs wobbled a little, and she swayed dizzily when
she hesitated a few paces away.

“Your lord is watching, Stacy,” he said, gesturing in Josh’s
direction. “He wants you to take your blouse off.”

Stacy’s head swiveled around, and rapt adoration lit her tear-stained face. “As milord commands,” she murmured, and shyly began
fumbling with her top button. Her fingers were so shaky, it took forever for the button to slip through its tiny hole. Alex felt his blood pressure rise
another notch when she struggled to undo the next one. The lacy edge of her bra was tantalizing, teasing him with glimpses of her creamy flesh. Her breasts
were small, but they’d be so firm and delicious in his mouth!

PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Suddenly Alex hunkered down, and fixed Josh with an intent
stare. “He’s totally stoned, so he’ll believe anything I tell him,” he assured
his buddies over one shoulder. “Josh, do you know where you are?”

The teen’s eyes were glazed, and his pupils looked like
black marbles. “Nuh uh,” he mumbled, blinking in hazy confusion.

“You’re in a strip joint.” Alex’s wicked grin widened.
“You’re watching all the working girls strut their stuff. If you get it up nice
and hard, the girls will give you blowjobs and lap dances. You’ll like that,
won’t you, kid?”

Josh slowly nodded. “Oh, yeah.”

“You ever been laid, kid?”

There was a long pause, and then his head slowly moved
ever-so-slightly from side to side.

Alex barked out a harsh laugh. “Well, maybe this’ll be your
lucky night. You see that girl over there on the stage?” He pointed to a
six-point buck’s head mounted high on the rough-hewn wall. “She’s winking at you, kid! She wants to see what you’ve got! You stroke it hard enough, maybe
she’ll dance on over here and shake those big melons for you!”

Josh’s eyes nearly crossed…and Vic snorted in amusement when
his eager young shaft began to stiffen. “Damn, that’s pretty cool!”

“If he remembers anything at all tomorrow,” Alex smirked,
returning to stare down at Stacy’s flushed face, “it’ll be how he got laid by every girl in the joint. Now as for you… You ready for some fun, honey?”

Stacy dreamily nodded her head. She was starting to like
this crazy floating feeling, and the hot tingles that were radiating from her
small breasts into her aching core. Every nerve in her body felt sensitized;
Dom’s big hand on her arm and the heat of his immense body were driving her absolutely crazy!

Alex moved so close, she could feel his warm breath on her
forehead. She wanted to moan with giddy delight when he brushed a lock of her
dark hair back and tucked it behind her ear. “Do you know where you are,
Stacy?” he whispered.

Numbly she shook her head. She was in a big log cabin,
wasn’t she? She was almost sure of it…but everything was so confusing, moving
past her dilated eyes like wispy clouds.

“You’re in England, Stacy.” His eyes bored into hers,
intense and hypnotic. “You’re in Victorian times. You’re a servant to Lord
Kensington, Her Majesty’s favorite Duke.”

Behind him, Vic snickered. “You’ve got to be kidding!” he hissed.

Alex ignored him. “Josh told us how much you love reading
Victorian romances, don’t you, Stacy? Now you’re getting the chance to really
be in one. You’ll like that, won’t you?”

Sudden excitement lit her eyes. “Oh, yes!”
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