Jonathan Lamb

Economics is Like Sex

Economics has become a taboo topic because is not well understood. As a taboo topic it doesn’t get discussed, and since it is not discussed, it is not understood—what a vicious cycle!Shying away from open discussions about money, budgets, markets, and trade has resulted in many misconceptions. Economics is all around us, and with a little common sense understanding of economic principals, Jonathan M. Lamb changes the way people view the world. Economics is Like Sex advocates that economics isn’t a boring subject filled with charts and theories cooked up by some dead guys who lived centuries ago. Economics is about decisions. Decisions that relate to money, life, love, and happiness. Economics is not just for government and business, but is a way of everyday life, and some very simple economic thinking can make life just a little bit less complicated when it comes to money.
Money can’t buy love or happiness, but Jonathan Lamb opens the taboo topic to provide a common sense understanding of how basic, easy, common sense economic principals can change the way people view the world.
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