Patricia Wentworth

The Fire Within

The mysterious death of Edward Mottisfontpulls the lives of David, Mary and Elizabethinto a whirlwind. David, a doctor by profession goes as far as to dishonour his profession for Mary. But the sacrifice comes at a huge cost—a complete nervous breakdown. Will Mary ever come to realise David's love and sacrifice for her? Will Elizabeth be able to tell him how much she loves him as well? What will happen to David now?
Old Mr. Edward Mottisfont looked over the edge of the sheet at David Blake. «My nephew Edward is most undoubtedly and indisputably a prig—a damned prig," he added thoughtfully after a moment's pause for reflection. As he reflected his black eyes danced from David's face to a crayon drawing which hung on the panelled wall above the mantelpiece….
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