Filthy Creatures: Things My Mother Never Told Me, David Williams
David Williams

Filthy Creatures: Things My Mother Never Told Me

48 printed pages
Whether we like it or not, not all of God’s creatures are beautiful. With that in mind, David Williams shares a poetic tour of the world’s best loved and most filthy creatures. He celebrates their naughty traits, sympathizes with the animals and their plights, and encourages reflection about their future. Williams, who intersperses wry wit, illustrations, and tongue-in-cheek lessons in his lyrical verse, offers a glimpse into the quirks, habits, and lovable characteristics of a variety of creatures. He shares verses of lovable Labradors, miserable mosquitoes, adorable aardvarks, whimsical wildebeests, a really wild boar, and cheeky chimps. Williams gives a voice to animals both near and far, revealing both the endearing and annoying qualities that highlight each creature’s individuality. Filthy Creatures presents a collection of poetry that is a modern set of Aesop’s fables with a bite or two thrown in.
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