BDSM Basics for Beginners – A Guide for Dominants and Submissives Starting to Explore the Lifestyle, Michelle Fegatofi
Michelle Fegatofi

BDSM Basics for Beginners – A Guide for Dominants and Submissives Starting to Explore the Lifestyle

112 printed pages
You have been drawn to the world of BDSM, but searching for one book to give you an overview of both Dominance and Submission. This book provides you with descriptions of all roles, different BDSM relationships, commonly used terms, guidelines for roles and responsibilities, and much more. After reading this book, you should have a well rounded foundation to start your journey further into the ever changing world that is known as BDSM.
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ability to listen, understand, and question, are the foundations on which a Dominant personality should be built. Next is the ability to accept responsibility. A Dominant should understand that in a Dominant submissive (D/s) relationship, the submissive is going to place their faith in the Dom in many ways.
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