Kris Rock

The Trilogy of Bipolar Management Part 3

Book 3 is a light-hearted conclusion to my trilogy, and its purpose is to suggest that being bipolar doesn't have to be the end of the world. In fact, a bipolar person can live a rich, happy, and productive life, once certain contingencies are met, namely, trusted friends and professionals nearby and low dosages of appropriate medications taken without fail. In Book 3, I describe my move to Virginia with many pets and my remaining at-home child to live with my second ex-husband and his many pets and remaining at-home child. In spite of difficulties with this arrangement, my moods remain stable, and I feel that I am fully recovered from my disease. I feel so well, in fact, that I go back to work full-time and enjoy the feeling of being a professional person again. I discover that as long as I remember everything I've learned about being bipolar and maintain as orderly a life as I can, I don't have to worry about the chaos I faced earlier in life. I have no more raging, manic, or bottomless-pit moods, and I hope I am an inspiration to others who may not have progressed as far as I have. The whole purpose of my books is to demonstrate how a bipolar person can finally achieve stability. Not many bipolar people have lasted as long as I have, and my books are meant to encourage anyone who is dragged down by impossible moods and disasters all around. In my book 3, I celebrate my life as it has become, and I urge others to hang on in spite of everything-life is worth it!
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