Pat Grayson

Life, does it have to be fair

Twenty-six short stories designed to help young adults make sense of life. Often humorous, some ancient and modern fairy/ folk tales, set in Australia, China, Europe, the Americas, and of ancient unknown lands — of nature, animals, and timeless mystical enchantment.
The following are four exerts;
       With more focus, and louder this time, he said, 'What would you do if you 
knew you could not fail?' Still, it was offered as if his mind were elsewhere
        and, as the students followed his speech they could see that it was.   

The immortal Princess Wencheng, as always, displayed great wisdom
by letting Gawa find his own answer to his question.

The wild dog cautiously led her five cubs out of the den. Instinct had warned
       her of danger. They were small and clumsy.
       The young male lion had been prowling for three days and was hungry. He 
       had been chased away from his pride as it was time to fend for himself…

… all it takes is trust — trust in your ability to win through, trust that there is 
        a fair Universe that lets winners win, and losers make their own way. He 
        sleeps well in the comfort that he is the painter, the thinker, the writer and 
        the builder.

Sales points:
·         Written for young adults

263 printed pages
Original publication



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