Robin Sacredfire

Understanding & Uplifting the Human Nature: How to Change Thoughts, Beliefs and Attitudes, While Predicting and Transforming the Future to Get Recognition and Become Wealthy

There are many people in our world today trying to research about secret knowledge, secret societies, magic and mystical practices, in the quest for answers to their life. Others, search for the support and help of fortunetellers and their methods of divination.
The law of attraction has brought this adventure, of finding answers to our existence, to a completely new level. Nevertheless, the vast majority, despite all the books read and gurus encountered, is still completely lost and without any clue to why things are the way they are.
After decades dedicated to finding answers to all and every single life problem, including the meaning of life and death, I have achieved a ground of understanding that even I didn't believe to be possible.
The ancient mystic schools that preceded the Knights Templar have shown, to a restrict group of people, a set of rules that interact in our world to transform reality. We can call it the gnostic mysteries of life.
These gnostic mysteries have assumed different interpretations, according to the location where they were studied, becoming more popular in Greece, India and China.
They were also though by Jesus Christ, and then developed by many influential individuals in most recent years, most of them eventually creating their own religious philosophies in France, North and South America.
This complete set of paradigms became clear to me after a while, especially when I was able to close the gaps by traveling to India and meeting the gurus that could help me see what I wasn't seeing before.
Other journeys, to Buddhist temples in China, allowed me to see furthermore. And now, after publishing very successful books about the law of attraction and secret societies under other pen-names, I expose this knowledge here to take those writings into a higher ground, from which anyone can uplift himself and others.
You can forget everything that you've studied about psychology or religion, because the mechanics here described are practical and easy to apply in the real world.
If we should have a last religion on Earth, it would have to be based on these principles, because they can resume everything without the need for more answers.
These mechanics explain karma, reincarnation, wealth, poverty, health, sickness, but also how our mind and the law of attraction work.
I'm blessed enough to see them clearly and in a complete form, which allows me to reveal everything here, in the hope that you may be able to share these insights with others.
These are the principles that can help us uplift our whole planet, while unveiling any spiritual law.
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