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Professor Winn’s 15 Habits of Highly Successful IELTS™ Candidates

Professor Winn's 15 Habits of Highly Successful IELTS™ Candidates is the perfect companion for your IELTS exam preparation.

Immediately learn these 15 habits to:

**Score the highest mark possible!

**Organize your exam preparation effectively.

**Build both English-language and IELTS™ skills.

**Gain confidence with fresh insights from a seasoned IELTS instructor.

**Download the Extra Resources File for a huge list of resources to boost your exam prep.

**Use “hidden skills” to save time and answer more test questions (and get a higher score!).

**Learn the best move you can make today for success on the test today.

Maximize your IELTS score to achieve your personal and professional goals.

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