Yolanda Smith

Welcome to the Club

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How to raise consciously aware kids without wasting countless hours at parenting courses, even if you aren’t part of THE CLUB yet.

Are you questioning the way you’re raising your little ones?

Perhaps you’re wondering how you can help your child understand their emotions and heal from trauma?

Or maybe you’re curious about how to guide your kids towards a self-accomplished and successful life of abundance and free flow?

According to the US National Institute of Health, 91% of adults have to deal with childhood traumas.

Every person has their own emotions, moods, needs, and demands. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because we are still only human after all.

We are all in the same pot: adults of emotionally triggered parents, whose parents had to deal with problems of their era, whose parents had to go through other rough situations, and the story goes on to the very beginning of our species’ evolution.

Every generation has had their strengths and weaknesses, and every single parent gave for sure the best they possibly could to their kids at that time.

However, now the time for a bigger emotional change is just around the corner…

With this revolutionary approach of powerful parenting, you can help your kids to understand their emotions, needs, and desires.

This way, they are naturally going to find their talents and purpose in life. And as a result, they’ll be blessed with infinite abundance, success, and happiness.

In Welcome to THE CLUB, you’ll discover:

Groundbreaking insight into the most powerful way of parenting to raise emotionally aware kids, free from dogmas and traumas

The surprising benefits of simply tweaking the words you use in everyday situations that will increase your kids’ emotional awareness

What conscious parents know about their little ones that kids of “traditional parents” would never open up about

A step-by-step practical guide to the top 5 faults parents often make and how you can avoid them

Parenting History 101: the most frequent mistakes generations have made for centuries, and how you can steer clear of them

The importance of opening up about specific topics with your children to naturally increase their desire to stay close to you as they grow older

The surprising results for families who joined THE CLUB and decided to introduce these simple, yet powerful parenting tools into their lives

And much more.

If you still think you have to teach your kids how to live life -- think again.

This is not some kind of voodoo magic. It’s much simpler than you think it is — with a few straightforward adjustments, you can change the dynamic of your family and the future life of your grown-up kids to the best version they can possibly be.

Even if you are already a mum of one, two, three, or even ten kids, it’s never too late to make a change.

If you are ready to raise emotionally intelligent children while living and enjoying your life to the fullest, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.
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