Van Gogh: 100 Watercolors, Maria Tsaneva
Maria Tsaneva

Van Gogh: 100 Watercolors

121 printed pages
This Art Book with Foreword and annotated reproductions by Maria Tsaneva contains 100 selected drawings of Vincent van Gogh.

Vincent van Gogh produced nearly 150 watercolors paintings during his life. Similar to his drawings, he often did watercolors as studies before doing an oil painting or as practice. As he continued to refine his technique, he used more and brighter colors in his watercolors. In the letter to his brother Theo, in December of 1888 Van Gogh wrote the following:

“…They are not masterpieces, of course, yet I really believe that there is some soundness and truth in them, more at any rate than what I've done up to now…They may still be full of imperfections, however, that they must get fresher and brighter still, but one can't do everything one wants just like that. It will come little by little.”

Though often they are far away from his bold brush strokes, the Van Gogh's watercolors are a unique in their use of clear and vibrant colors.
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